Globe’s Gosurf VS Smart’s Surfmax data plans #betterinternetph

Are you happy with your Globe GoSurf Data Plan? Or is Smart’s Surfmaax data plans better??

#WalangForever! Unlimited Data plans are a thing of the past.. is this a good thing? Maybe, maybe not..  I would pay good quality money for consistent internet speed that are reliable.. but, alas, we aren’t a country blessed with good Internet, mobile or land based connections.

What does it take to get good internet? I don’t know..  and i won’t dwell on that thought.. too much hate.. may explode..

Here is my recent experience with Smart Internet seems to be confined to certain areas.. to be fair they perform decent enough (real world means it works.. not fast.. but it works)

SMART INTERNET Speed from March 14-22. Nonexistent.. can actually compete with early 2k dialup speeds! #notfunny.


How is one expected to work online if we can’t go mobile? Being a #Freelancer is not viable for the moment.. unless you go signup for Virtual Office. (more on virtual office soon! )

Question now is how far can your actual data plans take you? here is a guide from Globe. The saying goes.. you get what you pay for, but the problem is you get cut or a slowdown in connection wasting time and money.. (yes time=money). Can any of the TELCO’s offer real world reliable speeds? hmm.. speed test volunteers needed! (possible lifetime project – anyone want to join in?)

For now.. based on personal experience, I would say globe‘s internet network isnt the best .. but more consistent than its rivals in the mobile space. (and they wonder why people are shifting!)  Are we going to get good speeds soon? I doubt.. Read this –


Here is the summary of the Smart’s SurfMax and Surfmax Plus.

It’s a mix and match and play of usage vs validity vs price.. balance all and you get a data plan.. which hopefully they fix.. hopefully! Remember All-day surfing doesn’t mean unlimited.. it means you can comsume the data pack with a specific validity anywhere from a day to 30 days. Choose wisely my friend.. CAVEAT EMPTOR.

surfmax prepaid plans

surfmax postpaid

surfmax plans

At the end of the day, Internet connection in the Philippines depends on location.. location, location, location.. Which provider is better? Test, test, test..

Even the NTC is not sure..  Internet speed tests by gov’t remain inconclusive

 “Those who want to get their fixed broadband subscriptions tested may call NTC’s hotlines: Tel. Nos. 921-3251, 926-772 and 920-4464.

Consumer group is also appealing for volunteers.”

Wishing for a better internet for all! #betterinternetph

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